"Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people."  W. Butler Yeats

Teaching - Training - Coaching

About me

Linguistics studies at the Sorbonne, Paris.  As a specialist in International Business English I've have been teaching for more than over 14 years: English, French, Italian and German at all levels.


My approach to teaching is a highly customized and a tailor-made service, which is specifically based onto your needs: both for general language courses as well as business courses.


Excellent European-wide references, and above all: long-standing affiliated customers, based on trust.

Trust is one of the core elements for success in the business sector.


I love to impart knowledge, because..                                 "KNOWLEDGE is the KEY to SUCCESS and EMPOWERS you".

Knowledge and continuously training are the keys to success in a global competition. They play a fundamental role in our economic system and in nowadays society. Therefore, the investment should be in knowledge: both for an economic growth of a company as well as for your personal success as a decisive factor.